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ilovefrenchclubWelcome French Club at Rolph Road Parents and Friends!

This is the first time  Rolph Road introduces French Club as an After-The-Bell Lunch program and Heart Learning Centre is just thrilled! We love French and teach it every day to our students after school at Heart Leaning Centre. It is one of Canada’s official languages and we have seen first hand how learning a new language gives students such an advantage in their lives: now and for the future! We are so proud and excited to share our teaching and learning experiences as we go through 8 weeks of thinking, speaking, teaching and learning all in French!

Our classes are divided into two groups: Beginners French Club and Familiar French Club. Both rooms will focus on reading, writing and speaking. Our main goal is to allow our students to just LOVE FRENCH and of course our club! So here’s a little update on what’s been happening and what’s to come!

Class 1: Our students were getting to know others in the class and our teachers were learning more about how much our students know. Great ice-breaker games, French story reading, speaking as well as our vocabulary necklace making was a winner for our first class.

Class 2: Things get serious here! Every student in French Club has their very own book called: mon livre francais. Our students learned the difference between le/la and un/une when describing objects in the classroom. Our older students also worked on vocabulary, reading and french grammar. Don’t look now French students but your about to get homework for French Club so you can feel the progress even faster throughout your week!

Our teachers are so excited and have built and planned our weeks so your children get the most benefit. We are particularly impressed with our SK and grade 1 students who just seem to pick up the language so quickly!

Weekly Announcements for our Parents!

Each week our students will have dictee which is a short spelling test in French. Our words will be listed on this blog as well as by our students along with their homework. Our workbooks will be sent home each week and we will send you reminders to always bring them on Thursdays. We do have classwork in the books so if you could make sure the books are in your child’s back-pack Wednesday night, that would be a great help! In our workbooks there is English as well as French which will help our early learners understand the meaning as well as pronunciation.

Our students will be practicing speaking French through mini-children’s plays in class. They may come home with some lines to read with you to practice their ‘scene’ on Thursdays.

Please check back on our blog over the weekend to see what the spelling words for each class are! For any questions please feel free to contact us: 647 987 4653 or email us:

Have a great day and looking forward to more great progress over the next 6 weeks!

→Update for Thursday, February 28th 2013

We have arrived at the last class of French Club for the winter session.  We truly hope that our French students and parents have enjoyed the program as much as we have.

****Please note: French Club Diploma distribution to the students will be taking place this coming Thursday, March 7th at 12:15pm. *****

Last session, the children should have taken their 2nd edition vocabulary necklaces home. The students are not required to bring them back.  After Thursday’s class, the students are permitted to take their “livre français” home with them, including the SK books. We would suggest that the students complete the book at home as best they can. In doing this, the new information that was introduced to them stays fresh in their memory. The French club can always be contacted for assistance. We are happy to help.

Angela’s class:

We read a book about Bob l’éponge (Spongebob Squarepants) and the students completed a very brief evaluation on their progress with the French Club.

The evaluation focuses on four key areas of French Club; retention, conversation, comprehension and recognition. These evaluations will be sent home with the students at the end of this coming session.

Mayssa’s Class



Discussion of marks

Thank you for the opportunity to share the gift of the French language! Have a super week!

Warm regards,

The French Club Team


Update for Thursday, February 21st, 2013.

Highlights for Angela’s class: ♥

Introduced french numbers 1-10

un – one

deux – two

trois – three

quatre – four

cinq – five

six – six

sept – seven

huit – eight

neuf – nine

dix – ten

Please kindly review this new vocabulary with your student. Review and retention is key for your child’s success in the French Club.

Junior Work Books: From letters A-D

Senior Work Books (Mon livre français):  members of the school.

étudiant – boy student

étudiante – girl student

teacher – professeur

male principal – directeur

female principal – directrice

custodian – concierge

Maissa’s class:

La dictée:

la jupe – skirt

le chapeau – hat

les sandales – sandals

les pantalon – pants

le chandail – sweater/jersey

le poisson,- fish

l’avoine,- oatmeal

une orange,- orange (fruit)

le dîner – lunch


Have a terrific week!

The French Club Team

Hello French Club parents & students,

Thank you for all of the feedback we have received in response to our program. As some parents may already be aware, the junior students will now be receiving a Junior (SK) workbook. These books will be distributed in class this coming Thursday, February 14th!

Please kindly ensure that the students are reviewing the homework. Homework is an integral factor of our program. The lunchtime session is a mere one hour and is hardly enough time to study and practice  Looking back at the work and becoming re-familiarized with the material will help in our students’ overall success. If any of the students have uncertainties on how to complete the exercise/homework correctly, they can leave it and we can review again next class.

Homework (Devoirs)

Angela’s Class

The spelling dictation has been temporarily postponed for further review.

This past class, the students in our class took home their “vocabulary necklaces” (les colliers de vocabulaire). These necklaces serve as a very powerful tool for memorization and retention. In the upcoming French club class, we will be creating our second edition.

 Update for February 14th!

Homework assigned: Pages 8-12 mon livre français

Newest Vocabulary:

violet – (purple)

rose – (pink)

carré – (square)

cercle – (circle)

Mayssa’s Class

Last class began with a revision of Unit 10 & 11 – mon livre français

Homework Assigned: Pages 76 to 81 –  mon livre français

  1. dictée : unit 11, page 70 les animaux domestiques (pets)
  2. mémoriser l’adjectif de couleur (colours)
  3. mémoriser “le chaton dans l’arbre” 6 ligne (song)

numero 1 (Kyra and Maya)

numero 2 (Emilia and Katherine)

  1. verbe être (conjugation – to be)
  2. verbe aimer (er) (conjugation – to like/love)

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and we wish you a fantastic week.

Warm regards,

The French Club Team

First Week Update!

Hello French club parents & students,

This past Thursday’s class, our young francophones were given their weekly list of ‘dictée words (spelling dictation) Please kindly have the students review the following words for next Thursday’s Quiz de dictée:

Sujet: Les objets dans la salle de classe

Angela’s Class

Les mots sont:

1)stylo (pen)

2)crayon (pencil)

3)livre (book)

4)pupitre (desk)

5)tapis (carpet)

Going forward, the French club will be updated our blog on a weekly basis. The updates will include the spelling words and les devoirs (homework). The students will be assigned homework every class.

Les devoirs sont:

Pages: 8-12 dans vos cahiers (livre de français)

Mayssa’s class

  1. La gomme                                  rubber
  2. La colle                                       glue
  3. Le carnet                                    notebook
  4. Le trombone                               paper clip
  5. Le stylo                                       pen
  6. Le crayon                                   pencil
  7. Le taille crayon                           pencil sharpener
  8. La trousse                                   pencil case
  9. Les crayons de couleur               coloured pencils
  10. La règle                                       ruler

Devoirs: Page 8-12

Merci et bonne journée!

Thank you and have a great day!

Warm regards,

The French Club Team


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