The best place in Toronto for kids and working parents!

At Heart Learning Centre we believe there is so much more to a child’s education than just academics.

Most parents spend all day at work, pick up their kids from daycare, make and feed their children dinner, rush their children to an extracurricular activity or private tutoring, help with homework, and before you know it, it is time for bed! We all know how mentally and physically exhausting this can be!

So imagine a place that offers all of this (dinner excluded – although we would if we could). Homework help (English and French), activities, sports, tutoring and art! ALL IN ONE PLACE. Not only that, we also provide character development where our students work on Emotional Intelligence for their personal development and growth.

There’s more?

Don’t you wish you learnt about money and how it works as a kid? What better way to be ready for tomorrow by learning about how money works today?

As part of our program, here at Heart Learning Centre we replicate a mini-economy and our students enjoy understanding more about being in the ‘workforce’ while ‘working’ at the Centre and earning ‘money’. This teaches our students financial responsibility and gives them the basic knowledge of how an economy works.

Beyond academics, our goslings flock to the ‘field’ on trips to discover exciting places in Toronto and to spark inspiration in creative minds. Some of our trips include: Apple Store Fairview Mall, CTV News studios and the Chocolate Factory. Our students learn the benefits of raising funds for charitable organizations through our Charity Network: For Your Loved Ones. Golden Goose has raised funds for the Canadian Liver Foundation through a Home Depot workshop and for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through a Christmas cookie sale and caroling in the neighborhood

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  1. goldengooselearning Post author

    Thanks for your comment and yes we’ve heard of CampZone in the Netherlands and sounds like fun (for adults). Our CampZone TO is so much fun for Kids aged 4-12! 🙂 We do Dance, Drama, Mega Sports , Emotional Intelligence classes and are open during March Break, Summer, and Winter Holidays. Please let us know if your interested in any of our services for your kids or anyone you would know looking for a great camp in Toronto! 🙂


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