CampZone – our future Visionary Leaders

Open March Break Logocampzone[1]CampZone: Sports, Dance, Drama, Art and Outdoor Adventures – for our future visionary leaders.
We think the world needs more visionary leaders. Visionaries are rare people but they share common characteristics: openness, creativity and persistence. Inflexible people cannot be persuaded – not so with visionaries, they are constantly searching for new information because they know that each experience will lead them to more insight and eventually a path of more creative discovery and pleasant surprise.

That is what we do at CampZone. We allow our campers to learn through different experiences. We teach: don’t be afraid to step into something new – it will only open a whole new world of possibilities. We know as adults: that if you stay in your ‘comfort zone’ repeating same old habits will only keep you in a space with the same old results. We teach our young campers that change is the essence of our growth and we get them ready by helping them find their zone; power and confidence in every setting: sports, drama, dance and outdoor adventures. Once they find that zone – they will forever know the formula and be able to re-create it again and again when faced with life’s challenges. They may not always get this fantastic boost elsewhere, but hundreds of them have been getting it at CampZone since 2010.

We operate during March Break and 8 weeks of summer and cater to grade JK-8. We have two locations in North York: St. Gerald Catholic School and North Beach Volleyball Club. Each location has its dynamic character always serving our unique curriculum Heart Learning which delivers to campers health and wellness, emotional intelligence as well as their talent and creativity. Heart Learning develops with our campers- the older they get, the more freedom we give them to discover their one within each activity.

We group campers from SK-8th grade into three age levels. Every two weeks our campers enter a world built around a different theme – fostering imaginative minds. Each day, campers participate in a schedule which integrates a mix of sports, musical theatre, dance, art , outdoor activities and trips fine-tuned for their age group presented through an interactive skit by our instructors. It’s an escapade with twists and turns getting everyone laughing, energized and eager to know: ‘what’s next?’ We motivate our campers to find their ZONE through hands on art, drama and sports and get them ready to ‘strut their stuff’ to their family and friends with a live performance and sports banquet at the end of each session.

Our camp staff are simply the best. We hire counselors who possess an earnest passion for working with and learning from children and come with infectious energy. Many are professional teachers and educators who have been with us for years. Our camp is only as good as our incredibly inspired, motivated and fun counselors who are ready to feed off the youthful energy that our campers approach each day with- we’ll leave it to your kids to tell you more at the end of each camp day.
CampZone is the camp in Toronto with a joyful impact – because when you discover you can actually do anything and you’ve got the formula to make it happen, you’ll see that life is only an exciting adventure waiting to happen.

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