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We need Negative and Positive for Life to Flow

It’s amazing when things don’t go our way as humans. We immediately¬† define such occurrences as our ‘failures’ and ‘negative’ experiences. It has always fascinated me how we have created such negative words to describe happenings that are actually necessary¬† for our growth. Once things don’t go according to our plan: we shut down, we give up, lose confidence and stop pursuing our dreams. What we don’t seem to realize is that life is a journey, and every experience is essential for it to flow.
Let’s take a look at how life flows through maple trees in the early spring. Let’s observe nature’s way and learn from it. How does maple syrup flow?

“Early in the spring, when the maple trees are still dormant, temperatures rise above freezing during the day but drop back below freezing at night. This fluctuation in air temperature is vital to the flow of sap in sugar maple trees. What causes the sap of maple trees to flow in the spring? During warm periods when temperatures rise above freezing, pressure (also called positive pressure) develops in the tree. This pressure causes the sap to flow out of the tree through a wound or tap hole. During cooler periods when temperatures fall below freezing, suction (also called negative pressure) develops, drawing water into the tree through the roots. This replenishes the sap in the tree, allowing it to flow again during the next warm period. Although sap generally flows during the day when temperatures are warm, it has been known to flow at night if temperatures remain above freezing.”

So you see that without above freezing and below freezing temperatures, maple syrup couldn’t flow. Nutrients essential for the tree’s life wouldn’t be possible. Nature’s trees don’t see below freezing as ‘negative’ and above freezing as ‘positive’. It’s all good. It’s all a part of life.