Make it a REAL LOVE Month


Happy February all.
This month Canada along with many other western countries celebrates Valentines Day on February 14th. We’ve spoken to many parents and they say: ‘eh what’s Valentines Day anyways?’ and they laugh saying its just another insignificant Hallmark Day, that we should show love every day.. why just on February 14th??
Its true we have many celebration days: Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Grandparents Day, Fathers Day, Kids Day and now yes even for those hard core Canadian campers: we even have a National S’mores Day! Here what our director suggested to our families for this month and we hope you will join us in your own way :
1. Let’s take the good and leave out the bad. You don’t need to buy anything or book a date night but we could really focus on loving ourselves and others this month and encourage through our behaviour. As I’m reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, she mentions that  love is ‘not something we give or we get but something we nurture and grow and we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.’ Lets really think about that every day and what actions we are REALLY taking to project that love.
2. Lets change the thought that: love is a feeling . Its actually an action. When we meet someone we love, we go to HUGE lengths to project that love. We send flowers, book dates, surprise birthdays, buy fancy clothes to look good, talk kindly and even listen better! As we keep giving love – we start receiving it and it only keeps growing along with the feeling. The feeling can’t grow without the action.
3. Let’s focus on ourselves expecting nothing in return when we give love. Lets expect nothing but gratitude from within that we are capable of REAL love (that’s powerful). Brene says love and belonging go hand-in-hand. Let take a look there as well and recognize where we feel we want to belong.
4. We will encounter obstacles as in every journey however lets take them as life’s clues to a new path rather than a ‘punishment’ or ‘threat’.
5. ‘We all want to be loved and feel that we are a part if something bigger than ourselves.’ -Brene Brown. Let’s act that together this month. Let’s reject shame, blame,disrespect and withholding love to be right. Lets not blame so our point of view is the RIGHT points of view. Let’s do it right and let’s see what happens- what doors open and which doors remain closed.
I will be posting my thoughts throughout this month on how I projected love and hope you will be vulnerable with me and do the same.
Much love this month all,
Dana Ben Halim
❤ “It’s always seems impossible, until its done.” – Nelson Mandela

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