“Demand more from yourself than anyone else could ever expect.”

Today at Heart Learning Center we talked about a very special quote from Tony Robbins it is “Demand more from yourself than anyone else would.” I learned what it means and want to share through an example: Lets say  you weren’t doing well in math and you didn’t believe in yourself. Every time you did math you would get a bad grade. You get frustrated and hate math even more. One day you  decide you would pass and not just with a passing grade, with an A. Everyone doubted you because they would never expect you to get an A. You work hard, harder than ever and the day of the test comes and  get the  A.  Everyone is in shock because you did so well . You feel so good  about yourself because you never thought it was possible.

I think this quote is great because I think it will personally help me with things I am not so  good at. So tomorrow I will wake up in the morning before my mom wakes me up. She’s going to be shocked and proud of me. That will  feel good.



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