Golden Goose Learning Centre Kids Musical 2012

At Golden Goose Learning Centre, every year, our students put on a musical play and raise money for a local or international charity. Last year for our production of Annie, we raised and sent over $300 to a teenage boy in Jamaica who needed to have leg surgery in order to walk again. We were all so proud! Its such a great feeling to give back and we want our young students to learn that first hand. This year our young actors have been working on The Wizard of Oz! This past March, Alison Cisse suddenly passed away due to a sudden illness at the young age of 36. Alison was a Golden Goose mom who was full of life and laughter. She lived a simple life yet so full of laughter, joy and love. She was a Golden Goose fan and we loved her! Our director Dana Ben Halim, decided that our “giving back” this year would to support her three children’s trust fund: Anissa; 8, Kareem;6 and Mrs. Putchi (Aliya);4. This performance will be honouring Alison’s memory and be a celebration of her life. We would all be so happy if you could come with your family. Because it is the day before Mothers Day, we are asking all moms to wear either pink or red and dads to show their love by wearing something pink or red as well. Refreshments, Mothers Day gifts: Mary Kay make-up, NA Handmade Jewelery, Cake Raffle, Starbucks coffee and more will be available for purchase with proceeds towards our cause. Hope to see you there and to book tickets, please contact us today at: 647 987 4653 or email:

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