From the Director: What’s the Best Thing About our Camp?

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As a Director of Golden Goose Learning Centre I just love camp. Kids are simple,they  make me  laugh and their problems similar to  “Dana, he pushed me.” Done. I can honestly say  I look forward to running every camp whether its Summer, March Break or Winter Holidays. Its pure fun with the kids. First of all they are not ‘students’ anymore but ‘campers!’ The word ‘camper’ reflects enjoyment ,excitement and its  all about being who you are. One thing I love about CampZone, is that everyone has a chance to try something new. Campers can either try Drama or Sports. Some of our ‘sporty’ 11 year old campers  even stepped out of their comfort zones to try dance and drama last year and ended up staying for the rest of the summer because they LOVED it!  Our instructors are just fun people, who work so well together, help our campers out and love what they do.  Each activity has a goal and by the end of camp we get to organize either a performance or a mini-olympics. My fondest memories of CampZone was last summer when our students performing a clip of Seussical . The costumes, make-up and songs were fantastic, especially the Grinch! Watching our campers as young as 4 and 5 work with our 10 and 11 year olds to make it happen was heartwarming. Our teenage volunteers did a fantastic job helping everyday and set such a wonderful example for our students. Watching our Mega Sports campers get a medal during our sports ceremony made us all so proud. We even served our parents fresh waffles with berries and ice-cream during performance nights. It was the best!

One thing about being an economics major : it didn’t really help me plan  my finances well straight after university.  I learned after making many mistakes, through trial and error because what was written in those books did not translate well when it came to real life. No one teaches you that, after graduation, most of us get thrown into the world of finance and we just don’t know much about what the bankers  know! At the centre, I made it a point to somehow incorporate teaching kids about the world of money, in a fun yet educational way. Our students LOVE it and always ask: when can I do my job? So, we did it for camp! CampZone incorporates a Kids Mini-Economy game and its even better because we get all day with the kids, rather than only after school. Each campers at  CampZone gets a ‘job’. For example: secretary and take attendance, caretaker and make sure everyone keeps their area clean or Mini-Economy leader to make sure everyone is doing their job (to name a few). At the end of the session, campers get to cash in their cheques for ‘money’ and spend it on fun toys at our CampZone Store! Everyone gets a ledger and balances debits and credits. It’s a blast for the kids and the instructors! Art is done everyday and my favourite craft was when we decorated wooden frames with clear beads and orange wood chips. They looked so nice!

Camp is the best time of the year for me. I feel happiest working with my students (who turn into campers) because there is nothing in the way.  I feel we get to share more time, talk more about just ‘how my day is going’ and get to open up more during Emotional Intelligence circle around topics such as: what is honesty,kindness, patience and integrity all about? I see our old campers making friend with new campers and everyone just really enjoying themselves in the sunshine or snow! It’s always so great going home at the end of the  day knowing that CampZone perhaps had something to do with creating a great childhood memory.

More information and online registration for March Break CampZone Toronto  found here:

More information on our Mini-Economy, After School Enrichment program and Emotional Intelligence program here:

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