Dear Liam:I’m Tired of Being Tired

Dear Liam,

I am a mom of two kids and 38 years old. Lately I’ve been feeling that my body is always aching and in pain. I haven’t injured myself but I’m feeling so disappointed that I can’t meet the demands of my family when I’m always tired or hurting.  I know your also a mom with  a lot on the go too so wondering is this normal? I’ve been to a doctor and they say its stress yet I don’t feel stressed! Any suggestions?

-Aches and Pain

Dear Aches,

Thanks for writing and I am sorry you’re hurting. It’s very common with me and many of my friends that once in a while our bodies will give us a sign to ‘slow down’. As a ‘ mom on the go!go!go!’  I understand that can be hard to find time for yourself, but that is essentially what I think you need..and honestly, it won’t happen without a PLAN! Here may be a way to help you find some time for yourself and your body so the aches and pains will go! go! go! too!

1. Plan! Recently I’ve printed a weekly hourly calendar from and blocked off all the time for the kids, work, pick ups/drops off from school/daycare, groceries,laundry…THE CORE PROGRAMS if you get what I mean 😉

2. See what time is left and check out the categories: education (what do you want to learn this month?), hobbies/leisure (what would you like to spend time doing that is fun for you?), excercise (even a 20 minute walk per week to start) and time with friends (girls night out??) and hubby (movie at home with popcorn or a date)?

3. Plug at least two of those categories in…you will start even feeling better as soon as you do! Stick to your planned program and write me back to let me know how amazing it is! 🙂

4.  If your kids are able to help you around the house; sign up for an account with and allow each member of the family to work with mom! You’ll be surprised at how excited the kids will get once they know that chores add up to points and the more points: the more stuff!

5. Always always remember…your health is really your wealth. Without you happy and feeling good, the energy you bring to your space will affect all those around you, including those you love most. Make sure you take care of you.

“Liam” is a mother of three, B.A. (Econ),  B.Ed. (Hons.),Ontario Certified Teacher and winner of  two teacher awards. Liam has been a teacher for 16 years now and  experience teaching a variety of grade levels from KG-grade 13 IB in 4 different countries including Toronto Canada. She is a director and business owner of Golden Goose Learning Centre: . Her passion is working with kids, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Develpment to allow every child to see their inner beauty in today’s busy world. Please write to Liamgoose with your mom, educational, or child(ren) questions:  with SUBJECT: Dear Liam

more about Golden Goose Learning Centre:

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