Dear Liam: My Three Year Old Won’t Eat!

Dear Liam,

I am a mother of three children and my youngest, who is three years old, just won’t eat. He is always the last to finish no matter what I make. He’s very hesitant in trying different foods and with every meal its just a struggle for me. I end up sitting with him at the t.v. watching his favourite show and spoon feeding him. I just wish he would eat with his siblings.

-Tired of Spoon Feeding Mom

Dear Tired of Spoon Feeding,

Being a mother of three myself I can completely relate to what your going through. Its important that you get your child eating at the table because you don’t want him to end up on the couch and eating until he’s 10! Sounds to me that your giving in.  It may be hard at first but you need to make sure that your little one understands that meal time is only at the table. When he’s done, he can watch his favourite show. Also perhaps while he eats, read him a book instead of the t.v.. Most kids like just the comfort of mom or dad  sitting at the table and talking to them while they eat (I know that’s a task..but at least until he gets used to catching up with his siblings!) Try to talk to your 3 years old about healthy eating habits and how trying different things will make them BIG AND STRONG like Superman (or their favourite movie character for example). Relate to what he may like: for example if your son likes to build mention that to be a big and strong builder you need to eat good food like this! Also remember to praise! praise! praise with each bite: kids love it! Being a mother has its challenges every day, but at the end of the day…a happy child with a full belly will be worth it. Best of luck!

“Liam” is a mother of three, B.A. (Econ),  B.Ed. (Hons.),Ontario Certified Teacher winning two teacher awards and taugh in 4 different countries including Toronto Canada. “Liam” has also taught grades levels KG-grade 12. She is a director and business owner of Golden Goose Learning Centre: . Her passion is working with kids, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Develpment to allow every child to see their inner beauty in today’s busy world. Please write to Liamgoose with your mom, educational, or child(ren) questions:  with SUBJECT: Dear Liam

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