Reminder: I am Blessed

Today I woke up so tired. I thought the day was going to be me at home in my big red 80’s cozy sweater sipping a warm drink with honey with lemon. As the day progressed it slowly turned around though. We didn’t get our Christmas tree yet and with only one week to go…I decided that today is the day! Off to the tree farm we go for a great adventure! My mom is visiting from overseas for the Holidays and so we took a drive out to Stouffville to Horton’s Tree Farm. On the way we even stopped for some fresh farm eggs! Yum! Although there hasn’t been snow this December in Toronto and everyone I meet is groaning about how: ‘I wish it would snow!’ the spirit of Christmas at the farm was certainly alive. The bonfire spread the smell of burning wood (I love that smell), decorations made from pine and cedar all around, Christmas carols playing, people walking and talking while sipping on apple cider and hot chocolate and everyone just happy to be there with their friends and family. And there we were with a saw in hand: my mom, my daughter and I (the men were busy at home working on our basement renos). The three musketeers looking for the perfect tree. We walked through the blue spruce, pine trees and all the other types that I haven’t yet memorized. It was so cool though..we had a couple of arguments around: ‘no this is the one!’ but we finally found it. We took turns sawing away and in no time our tree was wrapped and ready to go. I was so excited and proud when we got it down as it was the first time I had ever experienced cutting down a Christmas tree. We had been to Tree Farms before but always choose the pre-cut trees lined up at the door. This was a whole other experience and my daughter was just ‘laughing all the way!” With all the excitement I didn’t realize that I had parked so close to a pile of rocks so on our way out of the parking lot I heard a horrible sound under my car. I looked infront of me and a man was standing there with his hands on his ears shaking his head. I didn’t know what to do so I moved forward and then backed out again. Oh no! That sounded terrible!! I got out of my car and only heard the man say: ” you just ripped out your entire fender!” Oh man. Just great! The end to a perfect day had to be me wrecking my car. So now what? Of course its going to cost me at least $60000000 to fix (JUST what I need), I’m stuck out in Stoufville should I call my husband to come out and get me, should I call Toyota?? A family approached me to help lift the vender a bit higher so I could at least drive home. On the way home it wasn’t supposed to be like this. This was an adventure, supposed to be fun and now my mood has switched 180 degrees. This stinks! Where am I going to take the car to be fixed now? How much is this going to cost? When am I going to find the time between my work, school for the kids and everything else? I was so annoyed.

I got home and decided to go to Walmart to find some new indoor tree lights so we could at least start the decorating. Maybe that would get me out of my mood. I heard my car scratch the road on the way there: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! While shopping I still couldn’t get myself out of my grumbling and mumbling: still mad, still upset and just not accepting how things went. But then something did happen. In my usual hurry to get out of the crowded store, I noticed a young boy sitting  in a wheel chair. He could barely sit up with his head tilted to one side, his limp hands dangled over the chair handles and his eyes looked down to the ground. I don’t even remember seeing his mother or anyone around him. But I remember his face, not sad, nor happy.  Funny how life shows you things and when you pay attention it really makes all the difference. Outside in the cold parking lot on my way to my broken car, I looked up at the sky and said: Thank you. Thank you rock for smashing my vendor, thank you to the mechanic who will fix it tomorrow and thank you for all the  blessings in my life.

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