A True Story of Inspiration from our Kids Emotional Intelligence Circle

A Story straight from our Kids Emotional Intelligence Circle today: One of our new Golden Goose students in grade 3 who just moved into the neighbourhood with a disability shared about his recess time at his local school:”Today I’m a 1 (not feeling good) because I can’t find anyone to play with at recess. When I ask to play with other kids they say ‘no’ and when I ask if they would be my friend th…ey say ‘no way!’ They say bad words to me and when I tell the teacher, nothing happens. I feel so sad because it is a new school and I want to play with someone.” After he shared,there was such a silence in the room. We all sat listening and thinking about the feeling of being alone, sad, afraid and not good enough. Another one of our students in grade 5 raised his hand “Why don’t you bring a ball or something to play with and then other kids will come play with you?” The young boy answered: “my parents don’t have much money and really only  buy  food. I don’t want to ask them to buy me toys”. Our group slowly began raising their hands working together to help this boy with his problem. Here were some of their suggestions: “When I am lonely I look to find someone else who is lonely too and then talk to them”-age 7. “I bring along a chapter book sometimes” -age 9. “I make a plan to make a new friend, like a new game or something” – age 8. “I wait until a group game is finished and them ask:now can I play?”-age 10. “I bring along a black and white soccer ball”-age 7. “I smile!”-age 6.  The boy listened to all the comments with beaming eyes. We all felt the energy in the room uplifted and happy. Then the boy in grade 5 asked if he could be excused to get something from his bag. He came back  to his new friend and handed him his used tennis ball: “this is really fun for wall ball” he said. The new student took the ball and smiled. The teacher asked “So what is your plan tomorrow?” “To make a new friend” he said. We are all looking forward to the rest of his story tomorrow.

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