Something to learn from selling chocolates today

A true story from a parent who learned something from selling chocolates for a school fundraiser. So great! Please share..

Interesting. Today was a nice sunny day in Toronto. I know there are not too many warmer ones coming so I took it upon myself to take my two kids out to sell their last two boxes of chocolates for our school fundraiser. I must admit these days I’m not really in a selling mood…more not so much in a rejection mood. Our local school is raising funds for enrichment programs. Some argue that school council’s fundraisers are enabling government decreasing school budgets each year as we help subsidize the Ministry of Education’s budget. As an immigrant to Canada 8 years ago, I never really understood that however being an active member of our parent council for 5 years now, I’m slowly understanding where angry parents come from…NEVER-THE-LESS there is something positive out of this story. So my 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son wanted to finish selling their boxes. They really wanted to win a prize. I decided to take them to the mall and sell as people were leaving. After 5 minutes my daughter came back to the car looking angry. “I don’t want to sell” she pouted. “Why not?” I asked. “It’s NOT working! Everyone is saying no and some people are ignoring us!” The life changing moments eh? Here it comes: that window of opportunity to make it or break it. My mother bear heart sank…I wanted to yell at those rude people who don’t even have the decency to say “no thank you” to a child trying to raise money for her school. Yes its subsidizing for the government, but what does she know? She’s only 9! My son was still standing and trying to sell at the door of the mall…without asking though, just standing there. So as a mom I asked myself…NOW what do I do? Go home? A part of me felt like saying: ‘just get in the car” and writing a cheque for $60 worth of chocolates just not to go through with this and see her frustration. But then I stopped and thought: is that how it works? Someone bailing me out when times get tough? Don’t I wish!!! What can I teach my daughter at this very moment right now? So I took a deep breath, looked at her and said: “Lu, don’t give up..keep trying and see what happens” Now THAT was scarey! As she turned around to go back to sell the chocolates I was thinking: Oh God! Now what if everyone is busy shopping for Christmas and no one will buy from her? Am I going to make the poor kids stand there all night?? Then what?? All these thoughts…but then oh wait…someone stopped, their looking…AH HA! Sold! Whew! One less heart broken today I thouht. Okay maybe just one guy feeling sorry from them..oh no wait…there goes another chocolate bar! Yay! I looked at her from the side of the road sitting in my car watching as she turned to me and gave me her thumbs up. From there, they sold the rest of the $60 worth of chocolates in 35 minutes. Her energy had changed from hopeless to hopeful..and it worked. She accepted that it’s not easy..but DON’T GIVE UP. So proud. Thanks to the chocolate sales…:)


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